About AHAN Organisation | Australian Humanity in Action Network Organisation

Our Vision

AHAN Organisation AHAN Organisation is destined to stand out as a remarkable Organisation for excellence at the heart of the Country with highly motivated Charities assistance and aids activities to vurnalable and Desabilities people.

Our Mission

The mission of AHAN Organisation is to educate, support, assist, aid and conduct research. The fundamental mission of AHAN Organisation is to provide the necessaries need to the Beneficials with a certain capcities of knowedge which will enable them to become actors and organizers of a complete development of the nation.

1. Education

For education support, AHAN Organisation pay school fees, provide scholastic materials, Children who left schools and uniforms for child-headed households (CHH), orphans living in foster families and children who are infected or/and affected by HIV/AIDS. We visit them in schools and in families to ensure they successfully complete their schools and get qualified for higher education.

2. Vocational training

AHAN Organisation has four vocational centres with capacity to accommodate 190 youths/women. We offer skills in tailoring, handcrafts, catering, bakery, hair dressing and other saloon activities. We also have Off-Premises training: Driving, Welding, Carpentry, Masonry, etc.
Each year AHAN Organisation receives big numbers of young people. Many of them are interested in vocational trainings.