Caring for the Balonne Shire, the St George Community and surrounds

About Us

Australian Humanity in Action Network Organisation is a Charity Organisation founded in 2020. Based in Queensland, Australia, we provide aged and disability support to the Balonne Shire St George community & surrounds.

Australian Humanity in Action Network Organisation works at the Federal, State, and International levels, and has branches located in Nairobi, Kenya and Kigali, Rwanda.

Our Vision

To provide continued, inclusive support and development opportunities to all under-represented vulnerable and disabled people, allowing them independence and  growth.

Our Mission

To provide innovative programs that enable and support the aged and disabled community  to live their best life. 

Our Values

  • Shared Responsibility and Accountability
  • Creativity and Diversity
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Fact Based Education




Our Services

Our experienced & qualified workers treat patients with the respect & attention they deserve helping them to live their best life.

Aged Care

We are St George based home care business dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate and trustworthy care and support services to all our clients.

Disability Care

We provide personalised care support for people with all levels of disabilities, enabling them to live a happy and comfortable life.